What are bio-based composites?


1. Unique solutions in the market

2. Sustainability-Bio-based material fibers and biomatrix

3. Environment-renewable materials (replacing gasoline plastics with biomass materials)

4. Economic-competitive prices:

User benefits

1. According to the Yunding of DaoFM NFC made of high filling plant fiber masterbatch,
2. Compatible with all kinds of copolymerization and homopolymerization resin
3. Biodegradable materials
4. DIN CERTCO and USDA bio-based certification
5. Excellent long fiber reinforcement
6. Sustainable materials programmes with a vision for the future

Value Chain

Yunding DaoFM plant fiber composite material represents the final step of a complete bio-based material. It is a green and environmentally friendly material that can be recycled and degradable throughout the life cycle. It can be used for injection molding and extrusion, thereby reducing the use of petroleum-based materials.

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